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At Axelrod & Associates, LLC, we provide high quality, aggressive legal representation and advice to those employees, including executives and partners, who have experienced discriminatory treatment for various reasons. With over 50 years of experience in the field of workplace law, we are confident that our New Haven employment discrimination attorneys can represent you if you are suffering from the emotional, financial and personal effects of discriminatory behavior in the workplace. It is not uncommon for a newly fired employee to feel overwhelming frustration, stress and anxiety. That is why we are here to ease the pain and discomfort of confronting the ones who wronged you and bring them to justice.

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  • 50+ Years of Combined Experience
  • No Case Too Small, No Company Too Large for Us to Take on
  • We Regularly Bring Cases Against Fortune 500 Companies
  • Sophisticated Search Techniques to Find What Companies Are Hiding
  • 5-Star Reviews from Clients We've Helped

Our firm has represented thousands of cases over the last three decades in their employment discrimination claims including those addressing: family medical leave act violations, OSHA violations, and retaliation & hostile work environment matters. We are not afraid to go up against high-profile, large corporations in the event they are in violation of the state employment laws. We understand that you may feel intimidated by your employer, but with our help you don't have to feel powerless against them.

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Our entire practice is devoted to enforcing employment and workplace laws.

We have an intimate knowledge of all state employment laws and how they can be used to protect you. With extensive experience counseling on Connecticut State laws and employee rights, we use a variety of methods to protect our client's employee rights and hold their employers accountable for their illegal conduct or unscrupulous actions. Such techniques include the use of Demand Letters, Information Demand Letters, mediation, arbitration and even aggressive litigation where appropriate. As well as using the latest and most sophisticated electronic search techniques to uncover information hidden by the employer.

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As an employee and an American citizen you have rights and it's our job to ensure that your rights are protected. We suggest that you take a moment to contact a member of our legal team to conduct an initial case review. Once we learn the details of your case, we can give you an honest evaluation of what would be the most productive step towards the advancement of your goals.

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  • More than 50 Years of Combined Experience

  • Successful Results Against Large Companies

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  • Latest and Most Sophisticated Search Techniques

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