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Why Should You Hire a Lawyer From Our Firm?

When dealing with employment discrimination, experience matters.

As an experienced litigator for over three decades Gene Axelrod has practiced with with national law firms in New York City and Connecticut and been a named partner with a New York City based law firm and Hartford law firm. Gene N. Axelrod began his legal career 37 years ago. In 1997, he formed the aggressive and talented litigation group Axelrod & Associates, LLC. It is recognized as one of few law firms practicing employment law in Connecticut that choses to voluntarily limit its representation to the employee side against the entire gamut of corporate, municipal, union, not for profit and profit businesses.

Over the decades the law firm continues to believe that the employee deserves as stong a voice on its behalf as is routinely available to the employer. As aggressive and proven litigators in his area of the law Attorney Axelrod has assisted his clients in fighting for their rights against many of the nation's most well-known companies. The list of companies that the firm has litigated against includes Pepperidge Farm, United Health Care, Verizon Wireless, Wal-Mart, Pfizer, CVS Pharmacy, State of Connecticut Department of Labor, Town of Guilford Police Department, Town of North Haven, New Haven Police Department, Lowes Home Improvement, and many more. Attorney Axelrod has also managed many multi-faceted cases involving national corporations, including Exxon Shell Oil, Occidental Petroleum, and Heldor Industries.

The legal team from Axelrod & Associates has over 50 years of collective legal experience on their side. We bring extreme dedication and a caring philosophy to each of our clients' cases. Over the many years the law firm has become well known and respected by the Connecticut Commission On Human Rights And Opportunities as well as the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As a New Haven based discrimination and workplace law attorneys Axelrod & Associates represents clients throughout the state in federal and state courts as well as arbitration, mediation and other forrms of alternative dispute resolution. When considering how to deal with your present or past employer be sure to speak with a New Haven employment discrimination attorney at Axelrod & Associates for a complete, intensive review of your legal options.

Why Axelrod & Associates is THE FIRM to Handle Your Case

At Axelrod & Associates, your case will be backed by years of experience and proven litigation tactics. Instead of using a run-of-the-mill method to push out a large number of cases, our law firm limits the intake of cases to ensure each case is meritorious and we are able to bring the best quality of service to our cases. Our philosophy has alwayus been to work diligently to resolve your employment discrimination matter to the fullest extent possible outside of court or when necessary and appropriate in court. We are known to be tough adversaries. For an in depth, confidential evaluation of your employment discrimination case, do not hesitate to talk to an employment lawyer at the office today.

Contact a New Haven employment discrimination attorney from Axelroad & Associates for the legal experience your case deserves! No case is too complex!

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  • Nearly 50 Years of Combined Experience

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  • “He was always responsive and I was happy with the result and the entire experience.”

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