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Wrongful termination is when an employer illegally fires an employee. It is not wrongful termination, however, for an employer to fire an employee who performed the job poorly, broke the law, or breached a legitimate company policy. What if you were in a job where you could be dismissed “at will”? If you believe that you are the victim of unfair termination from your job, especially if you raised an issue of improper or illegal actions that could affect public policy, you might still be able to take legal action with a wrongful termination claim.

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Fighting Against Wrongful Termination in the Workplace

Wrongful termination commonly occurs as a form of workers compensation retaliation, sexual harassment, sex and gender discrimination or others. This can be personally devastating to the employees, who not only depend on the income from the job, but the loss of employment can have personal ramifications far beyond the financial, particularly when the employee has served the company for a long period of time.

Victims of wrongful termination should know their rights concerning their employment, and a New Haven County employment discrimination attorney is best suited to both inform employees, executives, and partners alike of their rights and to help carry out any pursuit of justice in such cases.

A wrongful termination case brought against an employer can be a challenge to prove and for that reason, it is important to document as much as possible by keeping a journal and saving emails, phone messages, or anything additional in support of your position. We are skilled in resolving these issues, and can work directly with your former employer to get it resolved before we reach litigation.

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