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Special Protections Under the Law for Whistleblowers in New Haven

Whistleblowers serve the important purpose of reporting illegal or otherwise inappropriate activities of a corporation or business. Most whistleblower claims originate from within a business and reported to the appropriate superiors within the company. In some instances, a whistleblower may decide to report the illegal activity to an external source such as law enforcement or other government authorities. Some individuals who file whistleblower claims may be eligible to receive a percentage of money recovered from the activity or damages awarded, and receive protection from wrongful termination by their employers.

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When someone has been a dedicated employee of a company that is engaged in illegal acts, it can be an extremely stressful situation that requires the utmost in skill and a careful and professional approach from your attorney to get it resolved.

While the actions of a whistleblower are important in any level of industry, the most known whistleblower claims cases occur when an individual reports to authorities or the public in general that illegal activities have occurred in any business dealings related to the government, private organizations, or other enterprises. Such criminal actions usually concern the areas of fraud, safety violations, health violations, acts of corruption and other violations that may threaten the public. Documentation of the illegal activities of the employer is a crucial element to building a case. Keep an ongoing record of suspected activities and retain all written or verbal evidence. If you are interested in reporting a violation that fits this description, you should discuss your matter with a knowledgeable Connecticut employment discrimination attorney who can provide valuable insight as to the potential of your case.

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Searching for an attorney for a whistleblower case in New Haven? Whistleblowers help serve the need to keep organizations, government agencies and private businesses operating within the ethical guidelines and legal standards. Axelrod & Associates has built an impressive reputation for providing high-level representation in whistleblower claims cases and Attorney Axelrod has been delivering results on behalf of clients for over 50 years. Our firm understands your rights to protection as a whistleblower from retaliation by your employer. We can design a custom approach to your case and help you with the best possible chance for victory.

Contact a Connecticut whistleblower claims attorney if you have a whistleblower claims issues with your employer. Discuss the protections available to you!

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