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The federal government estimates that twenty three million men and women have lost their jobs since 2008. In Connecticut the unemployment rate is currently 8.9 percent. Job losses are continuing. Receiving unemployment benefits from the Connecticut State Department of Labor can be a life line in these extremely troubled times. The law does not automatically provide benefits regardless of cause when an employee losses their job or quits. Many employees are caught off guard when their benefits are denied. Equally shocking, after benefits have been granted their employer appeals the award and they risk losing them at an Appeal Hearing and having to pay back the amount previously received. You can apply for unemployment benefits no matter why you lost your job.

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You may be eligible to apply for unemployment benefits if you were fired, were laid off, worked off the books for cash, were an independent contractor or even quit. Even if you were not working full time you may be eligible for benefits if your employer reduced your hours from full time to part time. You may also be eligible for unemployment benefits if you have a proper reason for quitting your job. Even when your employer claims that you could not do the job you are often eligible for unemployment benefits. If you have a medical condition or physical condition that make it impossible to look for work, with the necessary supporting documentation, you may still be able obtain unemployment benefits provided you meet other criteria.

Usually you will not need to have a lawyer present when you first apply for unemployment benefits. However, you may find it desirable to discuss the best way to present your claim as well as discuss your employer's position before you have your initial Administration hearing, held either in person or by telephone. Call us at (203) 285-8294 with any questions you have about unemployment compensation!

In the event your claim for unemployment insurance benefits is denied you have the limited period of 21 days to file an appeal to State Of Connecticut Employment Appeals Division. The employer also has 21 days to appeal a determination awarding unemployment compensation benefits. Appeal hearings are held before an Appeals Referee. The Appeals Referee makes a decision without regard to the determination of the prior administrator. The appeal process can be complex, both past and new information may be presented and witnesses are present to offer documents and testimony. This is a formal hearing and in our experience you absolutely should be represented by an attorney. In all probability your former employer will also have brought along a professional to present their case to the Appeals Referee. Although there are provisions for further appeal to the Board Of Review and thereafter to Superior Court, the decision at the Appeals level carries great weight and you must shape and present your case with knowledge of the standards and administrative case law that has built up over time that is relied upon by the Employment Security Division of the Connecticut Department of Labor.

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