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What Is Considered "Sexual Harassment" in the Workplace?

Sexual harassment is a very serious form of employment discrimination that occurs far too often in the workplace. It can be demoralizing for an employee when a person makes unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors in exchange for keeping his or her job, receiving a promotion or additional benefits. Sexual harassment can be the driving factor in a hostile work environment where there is a presence of objectionable pornography or verbal offenses such as sexual jokes, remarks or insults made by co-workers.

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Documenting sexual harassment activity in the workplace is important and it can include keeping a journal, retaining emails and text or phone messages, getting witness statements and other supporting visual or audio evidence. Federal and state laws prohibit sexual harassment and any victims of traumatic sexual harassment should seek legal advice. from an accomplished New Haven County employment discrimination attorney who understands the need for effective representation when moving forward with the initial actions to help you get the matter resolved.

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For a victim, the consequences of sexual harassment discrimination in the workplace can reach beyond the job and into other facets of life. Many sexual harassment victims feel they will lose their jobs or suffer other consequences in retaliation for rejected sexual advances, and can suffer great emotional distress. Moreover, this extremely difficult work environment can lead to depression and isolation from family and friends. There is a lot more at stake for sexual harassment victims than their jobs, and identifying these affected areas is critical to the success of any case.

Sexual Harassment Discrimination Attorneys in New Haven County

Need an attorney for sexual harassment in New Haven? Sexual harassment is a serious charge and anyone who files a sexual harassment suit against an employer can expect opposition. Attorney Axelrod has decades of experience defending employees, partners and executives who are victims of sexual harassment in New Haven, Stamford, Branford, Meriden, Waterbury and Bridgeport and throughout the state.

Our firm has built a solid and successful reputation by getting to know each client and creating legal strategies in pursuit of the most favorable resolution, and always moves forward carefully when addressing these issues with an employer, seeking to get it resolved without litigation if possible.

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