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Severance Agreements in Connecticut

Your Severance Agreements Rights Explained by Our New Haven Employment Attorneys

Severance agreements are also referred to as separation agreements or termination agreements and they are often in accordance with non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. In a severance agreement, the employee's terms of termination (sometimes called a release or a release of claims) usually relinquishes the right to sue the employer. When an employee agrees to forgo legal action against the employer by signing the severance agreement, the employer may contemplate whether to supply the employee with initial or extra severance pay.

There are strict time limits in which to resolve these issues, and you have the right to have your severance agreement evaluated by an attorney to seek better terms, within the mandatory time limits. It is important to get us involved early in the process of negotiating a fair severance agreement to avoid losses. Our concern and focus will be your rights and your future financial health, and we know how stressful and difficult it can be when facing termination from employment, and do all we can to get the matter resolved quickly and effectively.

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It is always important to review with caution each employment document before signing, as there may be no contract provision entitling the employee to severance pay. An employer might push the employee to sign another kind of severance agreement that will help him or her evade enforceable issues in the future. Most importantly, it is illegal for an employer to pressure an employee into signing a severance agreement, perhaps by withholding already earned wages in exchange for the agreement.

Is a severance agreement issue causing you problems? Call our New Haven employment discrimination attorney to discuss your rights. Axelrod & Associates understand the wide variety of unique severance agreement circumstances. The firm has handled hundreds of cases involving Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies as well as state and local government agencies. Our qualified attorneys can carefully review your severance package offer and advise as to the correct legal actions to take on your behalf.

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Searching for an attorney for a severance agreement in New Haven? Coping with a job loss can be difficult for a discharged employee. Depending on your stage in life, you require individualized treatment. For instance, a person who is closer to retirement will hold concern for his or her pension rights. A younger person possibly requires outplacement service options. In each case, a skilled attorney with our firm can help you achieve your goals in relationship to your severance agreement.

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