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Prejudice and insensitivity to your religion is illegal, unfair, and personally distressing. You have the right to equal treatment and should expect it in the workplace. When you are the victim of this type of discrimination, it can be difficult to determine how to best resolve it, and we can assist you. At Axelrod & Associates, we cab move forward carefully to avoid litigation when possible. To establish a case against an employer, it's important that you document discrimination in the workplace. We can send a Demand Letter or an Investigation Letter as our first action, or engage in negotiations with your employer to help you get this matter resolved.

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Facts You Need to Know About Religious Discrimination in New Haven County

Federal and state laws prohibit employers from engaging in religious discrimination against individuals in the workplace. The Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act forbids: "discrimination in employment on the basis of religious creed and includes all aspects of religious observances and practice as well as beliefs" (CT Gen. Stat. Sec. 46a-60). The act applies to both state and private employers with three or more employees.

Along with the common violations of religious discrimination, the law prevents employers from discriminating against the religious clothing and/or grooming habits of an individual. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has stated in a past religious discrimination case where "a reasonable accommodation can be made, the law prevents an employer from requiring an employee to choose between being hired and following his or her religious practices." Notable examples include Muslim head coverings, Sikh turbans and facial hair, and Jewish yarmulkes.

The law requires employers to allow and make accommodation for a genuine religious practice on behalf of the employee. In the situation where a company is considering the hiring of an individual who requests a day off because of his or her religious affiliation, and the employer refuses the individual because of that, is demonstrating religious discrimination. Types of accommodations that are reasonable, such as not scheduling an employee to work on a Sabbath day and allowing flexibility in the dress code for religious garments can help protect the employee from religious discrimination.

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Under Connecticut law, it is unlawful to deny, terminate or to discriminate against any person pertaining to compensation, terms and conditions, or privileges of employment due to their religious affiliation. The law prohibits employers to segregate, categorize or affect the status of employees in any respect that may hinder them in obtaining employment opportunities because of religion.

With a wealth of knowledge on the subject of religious discrimination, Axelrod & Associates has decades of combined experience fighting for religious rights in the workplace.

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