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Family Medical Leave Act Discrimination in New Haven County

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Searching for an attorney for Family Medical Leave Act violations in New Haven County? Many people face unexpected or life-changing events. The purpose of the Family Medical Leave Act is to allow an individual leave for up to 12 weeks to deal with a medical necessity. Factors that require leave time under the FMLA include the birth and care of the employee's newborn child, the adoption or foster care of a child in placement of an employee, the care by an employee of an immediate family member (parent, spouse or child) suffering from a serious health condition, or a serious health condition suffered by the employee. These legal issues should be addressed by an attorney that will move forward carefully on your behalf, seeking the best result and avoiding litigation when possible.

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While both the federal government and the state of Connecticut have FMLA laws, they differ in their rules. The federal FMLA covers an employee if he or she has worked for at least 12 months for a private company that retains 50 or more employees and the employee has worked 1,250 hours within the last 12 months. Under the Connecticut FMLA, coverage is available to an employee who has been working for 12 months for a private company that has 75 or more employees, and if the employee has reached a quota of 1,000 hours worked. Both the federal and state's FMLAs require that only the actual work hours will count (sick leave, holiday and paid vacations do not qualify).

Legal Backing from a FMLA Violation Attorney in New Haven County

Looking for an attorney for a Family Medical Leave Act case in New Haven County? In some unfortunate cases, a FMLA infraction can lead to a wrongful termination of an employee. An employer may decide to fire the employee rather than allowing the employee to receive deserved benefits. Termination from employment and denial of FMLA benefits must occur before any legal action can commence, and often we find that a Demand Letter or Investigation Letter can lead to a resolution without the need for litigation. The documentation of incidents of discrimination or FMLA violations can assist an attorney in building a case against your employer.

Axelrod & Associates is dedicated to helping clients throughout the state achieve favorable results in cases of unfair or illegal treatment of employees. We know how important these issues are to you, both personally and financially, and move forward with your interests and rights as our only concern, and will seek every opportunity to get the matter resolved quickly and effectively, through counseling, mediation and other actions prior to moving forward with legal action.

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