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Looking for an attorney for an employer defamation case in New Haven? Has someone spread false rumors or lies about you in the workplace that resulted in adverse consequences? At Axelrod & Associates, LLC, we represent employees in all types of employment matters including those involving discrimination and defamation of character lawsuits. We represent employees and employers, including executives and partners, in all areas of discrimination and employment law. If you have experienced employer defamation call us now at (203) 285-8294 for a case review!

Gene Axelrod and our legal team have over 50 years of collective experience representing clients who have been subject to hostile work environments. Everyone deserves to work in a positive work environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, verbal abuse and more covert acts that question the integrity of a person's morals and character. At Axelrod & Associates, LLC, we have gone up against Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and we have the resources necessary to handle the highest profile employment law cases.

New Haven Attorney for Defamation of Character in the Workplace

Defamation refers to any intentional false communication, whether it is written or spoken, which decreases the respect or confidence in which a person is held. Defamation induces disparaging or hostile feelings against the person for which the lies have been told. Defamation encompasses both written statements, otherwise known aslibel and spoken statements, called slander.

While interoffice gossip occurs frequently through spoken words, loud statements, emails, and through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, a defamatory statement or intentional lies can be extremely injurious to an employee's reputation, their career, and their livelihood.

Often, slanderous statements will be made against an employee stating that he or she has a contagious disease such as HIV, that they have committed a criminal offense, that they are unchaste or committed adultery, or that their professional reputation is called into question.

Slanderous statements against a person can cause irreparable damage and lead to:

  • Emotional distress
  • Harassment from coworkers
  • Job loss
  • Lost income

Searching for an attorney for employer defamation in New Haven County?

If you lose your job because your character and reputation have been compromised, it can make it very difficult to explain the situation to prospective employers, which in effect can pose a severe roadblock when looking for new employment.

In defamation cases, you may have the option of discussing a settlement to avoid going to court. If you want to restore your good name, you may want to consider going to court instead so you can bring the truth to light. If you have been a victim of slander or libel in the workplace, we urge you to contact a New Haven County employment lawyer from Axelrod & Associates, LLC to discuss your legal options!

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