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Thank you for taking your valuable time to visit Axelrod & Associates, LLC. Unlike many other law firms that are split into many different areas of legal representation Axelrod & Associates was founded with the sole mission of offering high quality, aggressive legal representation and advice to employees who have suffered from discriminatory treatment.

Need a New Haven employment discrimination lawyer on your side? Gene Axelrod with our legal team at Axelrod & Associates have devoted over 50 years to this area of law and have handled thousands of cases. Our lawyers represent employees, executives and partners who are suffering the emotional, financial and personal damage resulting from discriminatory behavior or other violation of workplace law. As a result of national and local economic conditions we have observed employers dealing more harshly with their employees and using new and more creative justifications for discipline up to and including termination.

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Those who are suffering the financial, personal, and emotional rollercoaster resulting from employment discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination deserve to be represented by a law firm that not only has decades of experience, but a culture that cares about these issues on a personal level. We genuinely care about each of our individual clients, and will go the distance in seeking out justice.

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There Are Many Different Ways of Attacking a Problem

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Axelrod & Associates has the knowledge and resources to handle high profile, high exposure employment law issues within this state of Connecticut. We have decades of experience in counseling and asserting employee rights against national and international employers as well as much smaller companies. Our mission is to level the playing field between the employer and people like you by deploying the skills of trained professionals on your behalf. We use a variety of techniques, including those that many other firms don't, to make sure they hide NOTHING from us.

  • We Have Over 50 Years of Combined Experience
  • We've Taken On Many of the Largest Companies
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Please be aware that the time limit to bring a claim for employment discrimination is shorter than most other legal claims. Except in very rare, limited circumstances when the short mandatory time limits expire, you no longer have the ability to make a claim regarding: sexual discrimination/harassment, racial harassment/discrimination, nationality discrimination/harassment, gender discrimination/harassment, religious discrimination/harassment, pregnancy discrimination/harassment, related retaliation, age discrimination/retaliation, disability discrimination/harassment and related hostile work environment and retaliation. Whistleblower and OSHA related termination claims also have quite short statutory time limits to be commenced. Waiting to have the merits of a case evaluated can be fatal to someone who believes they may have a case. Have your case evaluated by our legal team as early as possible.

We Will Fight to Right the Wrong

At Axelrod & Associates our policy is to offer service that is superior to other firms and assist clients who have not suffered a job loss by providing advice based upon our substantial experience including, but not limited to, methods to document discrimination in the workplace, including keeping a journal of the incidents, phone messages or other recordings, emails, text messages, and witness accounts. We can help to establish and assist in supporting your case, as well as keep track of your unfair treatment when the case does proceed to litigation.

We carefully manage every aspect of your case in order to strengthen and preserve facts and circumstances material to its proof. You deserve to be treated fairly and we are fully committed to assisting you to achieve the pursuit of justice. Fill out our case review form today so that we can begin to look over your case as soon as possible. The sooner that we take action, the better chance you may have at a successful end result. You can also call our office at (203) 285-8294!