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What to Know about Race Discrimination in the Workplace

It is unlawful to discriminate or harass a person because of his or her race or color, according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This pertains to the areas of hiring, promotion, job training compensation, termination, or other condition, privilege, or term of employment.

Per the law, Title VII strictly prohibits decisions concerning employment based on categorized stereotypes and assumptions for a specific racial group pertaining to the following:

  • Traits
  • Merits
  • Abilities
  • Skills
  • Work performance

Race discrimination can include institutionalized job policies and intentional discrimination to deny minorities. The best way to know your rights is to contact our Connecticut discrimination attorney. Call us at (203) 285-8294!

Race Discrimination in the Workplace: A State & Federal Offense

Both federal and Connecticut law forbid race discrimination. To specify upon the aforementioned conditions of Title VII, it is illegal for any employer to make employment decisions based on race or color when considering an individual's position, pay, title, hours, vacations, promotions or benefits.

Race discrimination does not always pertain to the individual specifically. Affiliation with a member of a different race, usually by marriage, can be the cause of employment discrimination. An employer is unable to fire an employee who is married to an individual of a race or color that he or she finds objectionable.

Types of Race Discrimination: Disparate Treatment & Disparate Impact

  • Disparate Treatment – Obvious and instant mistreatment of an employee based on his/her race or color.
  • Disparate Impact – When an employer uses statistics to employ certain policies and practices with the purpose of denying one group. To the employer, the requirement is a means to shun a potential group of individuals. For example, an employer might state that a high school diploma is a prerequisite to a job position. If no connection between the job position and the need for a high school diploma can be established, then the employer is guilty of race discrimination.

Call Upon a Race Discrimination Attorney in New Haven, CT

Looking for an attorney for race discrimination in New Haven? Our attorneys represent employees, employers, executives and partners in all areas of employment law. We can help you, as well.

Keep a journal and document any instances of discrimination in the workplace. Proving that you have suffered race discrimination can be difficult without experience and the right knowledge. Axelrod & Associates can advise you of your options. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of clients who are victim s of race discrimination, and we know how devastating it is to be treated unfairly. We are here to protect your rights and to help you resolve this issue as quickly as possible, through mediation and negotiation when this will achieve the results you need, but can move forward with legal action when this is the only way to get justice served.

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