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Retaliation in a Hostile Work Environment

Claims for a Hostile Work Environment in New Haven

It is important to understand what characterizes a hostile work environment. A workplace in which an employee is uncomfortable due to certain actions of others and where he or she cannot fulfill the duties of the job is a hostile environment. Hostility includes rude or inappropriate behavior from an employer, sexual harassment from an employer or co-workers, and any unwanted comments toward the employee regarding age, gender, race, sexual orientation or disability. Whether you live in New Haven, Stamford, Branford, Meriden, Waterbury or Bridgeport, our law firm is available to discuss your claim. We know how difficult these issues are and the personal devastation and stress that is usually part of struggling in employment under these uncomfortable situations.

Another very serious display of a hostile work environment occurs when an employer coerces an employee to quit after the employee files a workers' compensation claim, reports sexual harassment to HR, joins or strive s to join a union, acts as a whistleblower, or other similar actions. An employer and/or company might do everything possible to make an employee quit. An employer may create a hostile work environment by reducing an employee's hours, scheduling shifts that intentionally conflict with personal life, writing him or her up for rules that were not broken, or even reducing an employee's salary for no valid reason. When an employee finally caves in to the pressures of a hostile work environment and quits, the employer is then free from the burden of paying unemployment benefits.

Need a lawyer for a hostile work environment case in New Haven?

An employee is able to file a retaliation claim as the victim of a hostile work environment situation. It is easier to file a retaliation claim instead of a hostile work environment claim, as no evidence is necessary to prove a hostile work environment occurred. Courts have stated, "an employee can prevail on a retaliation claim by establishing that the employer retaliated against the employee for opposing allegedly discriminatory practices even if the practices were not, in fact, discriminatory." Sias v. City Demonstration Agency, 588 F2d 692, 692 (9th Cir 1978).

Co-workers can also contribute to a hostile work environment. It can be a racist joke or an inappropriate sexual advance. Legal counsel from a New Haven employment discrimination lawyer is highly recommended to help you with your case.

New Haven Retaliation and Hostile Work Environment Attorney

Looking for a lawyer for hostile work environment claims in New Haven? The attorneys with Axelrod & Associates can advise you on the many legal rights that may benefit you, as well as available and highly effective strategies to protect you from a hostile work environment.

Contact a New Haven employers' discrimination attorney today regarding retaliation and the details of a hostile work environment.

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