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Connecticut Employment Discrimination Attorney

Put Nearly 50 Years' Combined Experience in Your Corner

Thank you for taking your valuable time to visit Axelrod & Associates, LLC. Unlike many other law firms that are split into many different areas of legal representation Axelrod & Associates was founded with the sole mission of offering high quality, aggressive legal representation and advice to employees who have suffered from discriminatory treatment.

Need a New Haven employment discrimination lawyer on your side? Gene Axelrod with our legal team at Axelrod & Associates have devoted 47 years to this area of law and have handled thousands of cases. Our lawyers represent emloyees, executives and partners who are suffering the emotional, financial and personal damage resulting from discriminatory behavior or other violation of workplace law. As a result of national and local economic conditions we have observed employers dealing more harshly with their employees and using new and more creative justifications for discipline up to and including termination.

Call our office today at (203) 285-8294 to receive the reliable legal representation that you deserve from a team with a combined 47 years in the field.

What Our New Haven Discrimination Firm Can Do for You

Axelrod & Associates has the knowledge and resources to handle high profile, high exposure employment law issues within this state of Connecticut. We have decades of experience in counseling and asserting employee rights against national and international employers as well as much smaller companies. Our mission is to level the playing field between the employer and people like you by deploying the skills of trained professionals on your behalf. We use a variety of techniques, including those that many other firms don't, to make sure they hide NOTHING from us:

  • Demand Letters
  • Information Demand Letters
  • Work outs
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Aggressive Litigation
  • Latest Electronic Searches of Email and Computer History

All too often current or recently terminated employees feel helpless, overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. Our New Haven employment discrimination attorneys at Axelrod & Associates are here to channel these feelings into constructive actions. You have rights and we are here to fight for you. When you make an appointment for a case evaluation at our office you will be surprised at the length of time devoted to understanding and evaluating all of the facts and issues of your individual situation before recommended courses of action are presented and reviewed for mutual consideration.

Why Hire Axelrod & Associates?

Looking for a lawyer for employment discrimination in New Haven? Those who are suffering the financial, personal, and emotional rollercoaster resulting from employment discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination deserve to be represented by a law firm that not only has decades of experience, but a culture that cares about these issues on a personal level. We genuinely care about each of our individual clients, and will go the distance in seeking out justice.

If you are a victim of discrimination, do not suffer alone—seek legal advice from a compassionate New Haven employment discrimination lawyer who truly cares about you and your future. We have extensive experience in successful resolution through out-of-court settlements and the skills and determination to fight for you in either federal or state court when necessary. We can evaluate your case to determine the correct course of action to take in an employment discrimination and workplace situations in the areas of New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Branford, Meriden, Waterbury, or Bridgeport.

Employment Discrimination & Workplace Lawyer in Connecticut

There are federal and state laws in place to protect all workers from discrimination with regard to age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, disabilities, national origin and loss of employment due to a pregnancy. The protection you have also extends to a fair wage and barring employers from retaliating against whistleblowers.

We handle cases of employment discrimination, involving any of the following issues, including:

Our firm takes such cases personally and we are here to extend your full panoply of rights as we seek fair and full compensation for the damage that has been inflicted upon you, your finances and your emotional health. Many employers fail to properly classify employees as either falling into the exempt or the nonexempt classification. Improper employee classification can have a very significant hourly and monetary result for workers. Axelrod & Associates has the sophistication to evaluate and determine if your employer is in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and related law.

Severance Agreements can be a trap for the unwary. All too often the employer uses a severance agreement to prevent you from asserting legitimate legal rights. When an employee has a legal issue and has been given a severance agreement, you have the right to have the agreement reviewed by your attorney to advise you if a more advantageous result may be achieved through additional negotiations, credible threat of litigation or through actual litigation. Evaluation of the legal merits of your situation by Axelrod & Associates before you sign away all legal rights is an important matter.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

For decades, Connecticut law has sheltered lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals from workplace discrimination based on their sexual orientation. In recent years, various rulings in state and federal courts—including the Supreme Court—have led to a consensus that discrimination on account of orientation falls under sex and gender discrimination. This means that LGBT employees are offered greater protection than ever against unfair employment practices. We encourage you to come to our firm for legal representation if you have been a victim of LGBT discrimination in your workplace.

Filing Your Employment Claims as Soon As Possible

Please be aware that the time limit to bring a claim for employment discrimination is shorter than most other legal claims. Except in very rare, limited circumstances when the short mandatory time limits expire, you no longer have the ability to make a claim regarding sexual discrimination/harassment, racial harassment/discrimination, nationality discrimination/harassment, gender discrimination/harassment, religious discrimination/harassment, pregnancy discrimination/harassment, related retaliation, age discrimination/retaliation, disability discrimination/harassment and related hostile work environment and retaliation. Whistleblower and OSHA related termination claims also have quite short statutory time limits to be commenced. Waiting to have the merits of a case evaluated can be fatal to someone who believes they may have a case. Have your case evaluated by our legal team as early as possible.

Axelrod & Associates has represented former employees who have lost their jobs or been demoted because of workers' compensation retaliation by an employer even though the injury was job related and a proper subject for a workers’ compensation claim. This injustice should be addressed by an attorney that cares about you, your family and your future. We are well versed in both state and federal law regarding wrongful termination and we urge you to speak with an attorney if you believe you are a victim and have been fired unfairly. We can evaluate your case and advise you on how to move forward and help get the compensation that you deserve.

Tactics We Use to Protect Your Rights

As an employee, you deserve to be treated with respect and equality, and in accordance with the laws that exist to protect you. Employers who allow discrimination or other violations of law in the workplace should be addressed with the help of our legal team. We can engage in counseling to assist you to prevent termination. One of the ways we can address this serious issue for our clients is to prepare and send a "demand letter" to put employers on notice that unlawful treatment or termination has taken place, and that the individual should be reinstated or be paid compensatory wages and other benefits instead of engaging in litigation.

We also use Investigation Letters that set forth facts and that require answers from the employer regarding the justification of an alleged non discriminatory reason for the termination. Employer responses to these letters are reviewed as part of the decision making matrix when evaluating the merits of proceeding with litigation. At Axelrod & Associates we make every effort to have the issue resolved without resorting to legal action, if appropriate, and are frequently successful in getting our clients what they deserve without taking the matter to court.

Connecticut Employment Discrimination Law Firm – Representing Employees in Discrimination Claims & Other Violations of Workplace Law

At Axelrod & Associates our policy is to offer service that is unmatched by other firms and assist clients who have not suffered a job loss by providing advice based upon our substantial experience including, but not limited to, methods to document discrimination in the workplace, including keeping a journal of the incidents, phone messages or other recordings, emails, text messages, and witness accounts. We can help to establish and assist in supporting your case, as well as keep track of your unfair treatment when the case does proceed to litigation.

We carefully manage every aspect of your case in order to strengthen and preserve facts and circumstances material to its proof. You deserve to be treated fairly and we are fully committed to assisting you to achieve the pursuit of justice. Fill out our case review form today so that we can begin to look over your case as soon as possible. The sooner that we take action, the better chance you may have at a successful end result. You can also call our office at (203) 285-8294!

Contact a New Haven employment discrimination attorney from our firm for immediate assistance.

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